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Spring Boutique Collection


Spring Boutique Collection


The Bespoke Botanicals naturally hand-dyed yarn collection “Spring Boutique” includes fifteen (15) hand-gathered native naturals + 1 undyed natural.

Each mini cake is 20g / 80m of natural 100% organic wool, fingering weight.

Ideal for hand-knitting, crochet, weaving and tapestry.

Botanical hand-dyed yarns are magical in the way in which the natural dye colours and hues compliment each other. Each dye colour is unique and collectively the complimentary hues inspire creativity and artistic composition.

Natural variations are characteristic of botanical hand-dyed yarns as dye colours are influenced by the environment in which the native plants are found. All of the colours are intriguing and beautiful with their subtle nuances and differences.

Care: gently hand wash in lukewarm water using a minimal amount of natural wool wash.

Sometimes botanical plant-based residue can occur.

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